Partner Spotlight

Our Strong Families | Strong Workforce mission is simple to understand, but it takes some serious expertise to make it happen. That’s why we work with the people who know where to start and where to change course, as well as the best way to measure progress.

We fund a carefully selected team of 73+ nonprofits that partner strategically and tirelessly with our team—and each other—in our resort communities nationwide. In 2020, our grant investment in these organizations totals to more than $1 million. 

Family & Youth Homelessness

When families and youth are facing the risk or reality of homelessness, they need more than a place to sleep. They need stability and a safe place of their own. 

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Domestic Violence

Awareness, prevention and services for those impacted by domestic violence…this represents the heart of our efforts. 

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The ability to access quality education and training is critical to consistent employment—from getting a first job to developing a career that supports your family.  

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Veteran Employment

Looking for a job can be a full-time job. Translating active-duty skills to civilian job opportunities after service can make the process daunting.

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